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Last Update 24 November 2020
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magnetofose © is the name of my private non-profit research initiative in 48683 Ahaus, Germany for the magnetobiologic treatment of patients who cannot be helped by allopathic medicine or for whom an invasive intervention is not an option, or who are looking for a new way to heal.

Magnetobiology is much more and completely different from the biomagnetic treatment methods commonly used here and there.
You don't have to believe in it (= placebo effect), because with or without, it simply happens...
Gentle, painless, effective and with no side effects.

It is my ambition and hope to place the results of my research in a foundation that is yet to be established, so that they can be applied in practice for healing purposes. For the time being I call it the "Magnetofose Humanity-Plus Foundation" (see Clinic Project).

Your Bert Kremers

We don't have to understand miracles to make them happen. All we have to do when they appear is recognize them as such and embrace them…
© Eibert Kremers – 2020
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